Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” ARF cats chatted with Daisy about all things adoption.
Sadie: It’s awfully quiet in here. What gives?
Mr. Gray: Adoptions, that’s what gives.
Sadie: Who?
Mr. Gray: The kittens were adopted together, thankfully, and Daisy has been adopted as well!
Sadie: Holy catnip! Have they moved far away?
Zeus: I heard they all are still locals. I hope we get to see them again in the near future.
Heavenly Whiskers: It won’t be quiet for long. We are getting three new kittens this weekend.
Zeus: It has been a kittenpalooza around here.
Heavenly Whiskers: It certainly has. The only bad thing about all those cute little kittens is they kind of steal all the attention.
Zeus: They do, but humans who aren’t up to kitten antics will want to give us a second look.
Bear: As they should. We can go into a new home, and once we are comfortable, we will offer love and affection without crazy kitten behavior.
Thomas: I think it all depends on what the humans want. Some want the action kittens offer, while others want a cat that is easy-going kind of like me.
Bear: And me!
Sadie: And all of us.
Bear: We would all be such good companions. We are especially good for seniors or humans who live alone.
Mr. Gray: I would be fine on my own during the day, as long as a loving human came home to me each night.
Bear: That sounds so good.
Thomas: I’ll sign up for that.
Bear: But for now, we will wait until the perfect forever guardian finds us.
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