The championship sporting events listed have changed over the decades. The 1903 World Series had eight games. Before the Super Bowl, there were championship games between the AFL and NFL.

The number of teams has increased, the number of games has changed. Adding wild card teams and playoff games has made the events what they are today.

But they were not always in this format.

The U.S. president is elected by an institution created in the 18th century when there were 13 states, not 50, with widely varying populations from less than one million to 39 million. There are six states with less than one-million people, yet they each have three electoral votes.

California’s population is 39,000,000 with 55 electoral votes and Wyoming’s population is 585,000 with three electoral votes.

Do the math and tell me how that is a fair system.

Darlene Hogan-Beebe