The Town Crier recently received an email from Michelle DeArmond, chief of staff to Riverside County 3rd District Supervisor Chuck Washington, regarding a plan the county has developed to resurface North Circle Drive here in Idyllwild.
DeArmond relates that Washington’s office has been in contact with the county Transportation Department regarding the condition of North Circle and she relayed a synopsis of the current plan to repair it. According to that synopsis:
The North Circle Drive Project will be completed during fiscal year 2022-2023. That would be somewhere between July 1 2022, and June 30 2023.
Work would begin in late summer or early fall of 2022, owing to the fact that to be laid and compacted properly, asphalt needs a minimum ambient temperature. If that initial window is missed, the project won’t start until April or May 2023.
At the same time, the county plans to redo some main connecting streets in the area that will allow for better prices on construction materials and result in more area roads being paved. Currently, the plan is to pave North Circle Drive from Village Center Drive up to Pine Crest Avenue at Four Corners. But also paved would be South Circle Drive from Pine Crest Avenue down to Highway 243. Also, Fern Valley Road would be paved from South Circle to Humber Park.
The county currently estimates the cost of this work to be just over $4.6 million.