The Pine Cove Water District (PCWD) Board of Directors wrapped up several important issues at its last official meeting for General Manager (GM) Jerry Holldber last Wednesday.
The board plans to hold a public hearing Jan. 8 to adopt special rates and charges effective Feb. 1. At that public meeting, the board will consider a resolution at the meeting for residential and commercial parcels of a minimum $77 bimonthly charge excluding water usage. Costs for water usage range from $7 to $11 per 1,000 gallons.
Buckhorn Camp, Coulter Pines and Hummingbird Mobile Home Park have separate proposed charges.
These increases also are proposed:
Current Proposed
rate rate
• Normal customer requested $15 $20
turn on/off
• After-hours customer reque- $40 min. $50 min.
sted turn on/off
• Emergency turn off $100 $250
• Delinquent turn off/on $75 $90
• Transfer fee $45 $60

Also proposed is a unit charge of $20 per billing to be added to customer accounts for each extra premise on a parcel. Hummingbird and Coulter Pines trailer parks are examples of parcels with only one meter but multiple premises.
Other proposed charges include $5 per inch of diameter per month and $10 per month minimum for fire service.
Interim GM (effective Jan. 1) Jeremy Potter reported to the board that PCWD will go into Stage 2 water conservation effective Feb. 1. Earlier, he stated that water usage is significantly lower than last year and water losses were 4%, “a significant improvement.” However, wells have been dropping. Static well #10 is down 10 feet since Jan. 1, 2021.   
PCWD approved another resolution between the district and Riverside County to purchase fuel from the Pine Cove Fire Station fuel pumps at county cost through Dec. 31, 2042. Bills will be paid quarterly.
In a 4-1 vote, PCWD directors agreed to a license agreement to continue using PJU Telecommunications for wireless internet service, as well as maintaining 20 cameras, six webcams and two weather stations. De Luther opposed the motion because of negative personal experience with the company.
The board agreed to Holldber consulting Potter as needed at $54.88 per hour with no benefits.
The board also accepted an agreement between PCWD and Animal Rescue Friends (ARF) of Idyllwild to install another repeater on the Rocky Point radio site to aid pet rescuers in communicating over a wider regional coverage.
Director Lou Padula asked who would will maintain the equipment and President Robert Hewitt, an ARF volunteer, said ARF will. Hewitt did not vote on the motion nor abstain. However, no money is exchanged in this relationship.
American Tower’s proposal at the last regular board meeting was rejected with its lease at Rocky Point. It returned with another proposal that, after much discussion and Holldber’s advisory to approve, the directors unanimously approved. “Maybe giving up a little bit is the prudent thing to do,” Holldber said.
The seven year lease brings in about $30,000 annually in income for the district.
Finally, the board met in closed session to discuss Potter’s compensation and terms.
After discussion, Director Vicki Jakubac reported out that Potter will be placed on a six-month term beginning Jan. 1 with an 8% increase of his current salary, bringing it up to $84,913 annually.
Also, Chris Dumas will be promoted to lead man in field maintenance with a $2 an hour increase in pay.