Idyllwild Garden Club

Visitors are welcome at 12:30 p.m. Wednesday, April 6, at the Idyllwild Nature Center meeting room, 25225 Highway 243. The planned program is Lauren Owens on growing roses in the mountains. For more information, email [email protected]

Idyllwild Contemporary Book Club

The club is celebrating reading its 50th book. Some of the members spoke about their feelings for the club.

The early days of the Idyllwild Contemporary Book Club. From left, Pedro Anderson, Shannon Ng, Tyler Stallings (guest author), Kathryn Gorzny, Peter Davison (holding Jake) and Iris Pell Davison.

Iris Pell Davison, the dancer, said, “I was there in the very beginning of the Idyllwild Contemporary Book Club (ICB), March 27, 2014. We have read many remarkable books and the people involved in the club have made the discussions interesting, with varying view points, and educational and creative comments.

“We had “Pedro,” Pete Anderson as one of our members in the beginning and it was heart wrenching to lose him. We carried on and new members joined.

“Shannon Ng introduced ICB to Steven Leigh Morris, an Idyllwild resident, renowned playwright and author. ICB read his novel ”Fowl Play” and Steven came to our discussion about his book and joined our book club.

“The book club carried on when Gina [Genis] moved to Washington DC. We used FaceTime with her for a while, missed her presence, for she is an excellent book club leader, and are thrilled to have her back in the vicinity.”

Chris Fox, the jeweler, expressed, “Our book club really enriches my life. The connection and stimulation that comes about from discussing our monthly book feels so interesting and fascinating. I am amazed at how different we all are. I feel a sweet kinship with our group. Every month I get to know us all from a deeper place. I am so grateful to be a part of this club.”