65 years ago – 1957
The Christian Science Society moved into a new location at Cedar and River drives, opposite Town Hall.

60 years ago – 1962
Under the weight of the heavy snow load, Town Hall’s roofed front porch collapsed.

55 years ago – 1967
Five students from Idyllwild were among Hemet High School students who were able to maintain a GPA of B or better during their first semester.
50 years ago – 1972
Maria del Rosario Enriquez and Francisco Javier Diaz, both of Idyllwild, were married in Mexico.

45 years ago – 1977
Blood Idyllwild residents donated went toward saving the life of a little girl who once lived here.

40 years ago – 1982
A Neighborhood Watch Program Idyllwild Deputy Jim Ciccone started was in an effort to, as he phrased it, “stop crime before it happens.”

35 years ago – 1987
The Moosehead Sled Dog Class was run in Long Valley, beginning at the top of the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway. The recent heavy snow provided the cover needed for the race that had been nonexistent earlier that year.

30 years ago – 1992
A dozen protesters gathered at Strawberry Creek Bridge on Highway 234 in the pouring rain. They were picketing the planned removal of three trees in a bridge project the California Department of Transportation planned.

25 years ago – 1997
The Idyllwild Community Fund — a nonprofit charity — was started with a $10,000 donation from an anonymous couple. The initial gift became seed money for a growing endowment.

20 years ago – 2002
More than 40 Idyllwild business people signed up to express their concern about street vendors who they felt might be providing unfair competition to them.

15 years ago – 2007
Idyllwild Water District announced it would be reactivating Fern Valley well 1A. Concern over natural radiation in this water resulted in a special meeting and the district installed a specific facility to remove the chemical before pumping the water to Foster Lake.

10 years ago – 2012
Hemet High School teacher Janel Ramirez, 31, was arrested on suspicion of having had sex with a student.
• • •
Idyllwild career firefighters accepted a 7% pay reduction.

5 years ago – 2017
Idyllwild Arts Academy Visual Arts Chair David Reid-Marr was the speaker at the Spotlight on Leadership series at the academy.

1 year ago – 2021
Living Free Animal Sanctuary created a program called War Horse Creek. The program rescues wild horses and mustangs to provide equine therapy to military veterans, helping them reintegrate into civilian life, ultimately, helping both the veterans and the rescues.