75 years ago - 1947
The U.S. Forest Service reported the insect situation had become critical in the Idyllwild area. Warm weather added another hatch of bugs and 750 trees were infected.

70 years ago - 1952
The season’s rainfall totaled 43 inches.
• • •
Town Crier saluted Denis Evarts Bowman as one of Idyllwild’s most distinguished citizens. Bowman, a scholar and former attorney and school teacher, was the donor of the Bowman Arts Center at ISOMATA.

60 years ago - 1962
On his property, Val Hansen found a rattlesnake with nine rattles.
• • •
Robert Robbins and Pamela Hamilton were chosen chief and princess for the Bear Flag Festival on the basis of “good citizenship, character and scholarship.”

55 years ago - 1967
Four young hikers were rescued from the north slope of Mt. San Jacinto. Two members of the Riverside Mountain Rescue Team jumped from a helicopter and led the lost hikers to safety.
50 years ago - 1972
Both the Idyllwild County Water District and the Forest Lake mobile home park developers started drilling new wells at Dutch Flat and Foster Lake.

40 years ago - 1982
A “Meet the Candidates Night,” to introduce the six candidates for sheriff and one for district attorney, and sponsored by the Rotary Club, was being planned at Town Hall.

35 years ago - 1987
An $8.9-million increase in the Clean Water Grant for the Idyllwild-area sewer project was approved. But state officials warned if there were any more delays in the project the grant would be terminated.

30 years ago - 1992
After removing his family to safety, off-duty volunteer firefighter Duane Knight saved his rented home from a fire by fighting the blaze with a garden hose until the Idyllwild Fire Department arrived.

25 years ago - 1997
John Fitch, a Cherry Valley resident, was named the new Mountain Center postmaster.

20 years ago - 2002
An Escondidio man was arrested in connection with a string of at least 15 fraudulent checks written in the Idyllwild area in March.
15 years ago - 2007
The local U.S. Forest Service complained about losing fire staff to competing agencies with higher-pay scales.

10 years ago - 2012
A major fire destroyed the Fern Valley home of Idyllwild businessman Shane Stewart.
5 years ago - 2017
Drought emergency restrictions were lifted statewide by Gov. Jerry Brown.

1 year ago - 2021
Riding 20 to 25 miles per day, Goodlett and her Mustangs took the PCT trail in three- to five-day increments before coming off the trail to rest in Idyllwild.