In less than two weeks after Mayor Max II (a golden retriever) died July 30 at age 9, his owners, Phyllis Mueller and Glenn Warren, are on a quest to find Mayor Max III.
The couple headed out Sunday morning “driving 300 miles to see a potential mommy,” according to Mayor Max’s Facebook page.
Warren is accepting calls on Mueller’s cell phone at 949-525-0100 while she is driving. “It does lift our spirits to hear from you,” she wrote.
In the meantime, she wrote, “Deputy Mayor Mikey and I, Deputy Mayor Mitzi, are going to be the new Co-Mayors of Idyllwild on an interim basis while Phyllis and Glenny have now begun the quest for the search for Mayor Max the Third.”
The first Mayor Max died in his sleep April 2, 2013, after suffering numerous health problems. He became mayor through an Idyllwild Animal Rescue Friends (ARF) fundraiser. After his death, the new puppy Mayor Max II, born May 6, 2013, completed his term of office through June 30, 2014, but ARF decided to allow the new mayor to continue without a term limit.
Now it’s up to an unborn puppy to take up the office.