Staff from Keen Ramps install the new half pipe feature at the Idyllwild Skatepark. Photo by Emily Jimenez

By Stephanie Yost
President, Idyllwild Community Center

After many months of fundraising, the Idyllwild Community Center (ICC) on Thursday, Sept. 1, completed the installation of the new half pipe at the Idyllwild Skatepark, located on the grounds of Idyllwild Pines Camp on Highway 243.
In addition to the new half pipe that Keen Ramps of Long Beach built and installed, ICC made minor repairs to existing features in the park.
The total cost of this first phase of renovations exceeded $17,000. The Idyllwild Skatepark was built more than 20 years ago and was in need of serious repairs. ICC had to remove the original half pipe, the largest park feature, earlier this year because it had become unsafe.
Funds for the much-needed renovation came from a variety of sources, including generous large donations from the Worah Family Foundation and FWB (Friends With Benefits), a group referred to as a decentralized autonomous organization centered around a cryptocurrency that collaborate on various creative and community projects. FWB held a private event on the Idyllwild Arts campus in August. Attendees, many of whom are skateboarders, noticed ICC’s Go Fund Me fliers posted around town to solicit donations for the Skatepark renovations and collectively decided to contribute to the Skatepark project.
The Idyllwild Community Fund (an affiliate of the Inland Empire Community Foundation), Idyllwild Rotary, local businesses and individual community members, as well as through a fundraiser put on earlier this summer by local skateboarders Emily Jimenez and Carlos Mercado (owner of Idyllwild’s Build a Board skate shop, located in the Village Lane), raised more funds.
ICC’s planned second phase of the renovation project is installing shade covering at the Skatepark. Although this part of the project was not included in ICC’s original renovation plans, the combined generosity of all donors will allow ICC to add this much-needed feature to the park.
The Idyllwild Skatepark is popular with residents and visitors, especially during the hotter months when Hill temperatures are significantly cooler than the surrounding off-Hill communities. The Skatepark is open daily from 7 a.m. to dusk, and skateboarders must bring their own skateboard and required safety gear.