John Warren Wilson

“According to my wife, I’m the most wonderful guy on Earth!”, began John’s FaceBook introduction.

John Warren Wilson was born Feb. 1, 1955, in Missouri, and died Tuesday, Feb. 31, 2023. 

In 1973, he graduated from Afton High School in St. Louis. Growing up, he liked hunting and fishing. Granddaughter Danielle “Dani” Appleby remembered Grandpa John teaching his grandkids how to fish, play cards and swim.

By trade, John was a welder. After retirement, he enjoyed being a handyman/jack of all trades and did a lot of home improvement to the mobile home he shared with his wife, Paddy, in Idyllwild. He was a successful gardener growing vegetables in Idyllwild. Paddy and John moved to Hemet where he grew citrus.

A previous marriage brought John a son, Neil, a grandson, Kayden, and a granddaughter, Annabelle. When John married Paddy, the family grew with stepchildren Michelle, Sandy, Eddie and Maija. Grandpa John and Grandma Paddy helped raise Dani while her mom, Michelle, worked.

Dani remembers Grandpa as being a “huge” part of her whole life. She also remembers Grandpa hating inflation because he had to pay more for ice cream and the container wasn’t a true half-gallon anymore. But, her fondest memory is of Grandpa’s sense of humor and the game they would play over who loved each other more.

  Their special goodbyes included, “I love you most infinity and beyond!” Whoever said it first won and got to love the other more for the day and they never stopped their game, no matter how old Dani became.

John courageously faced many health problems resulting in placement of several heart stents. He also had a history of heart attacks and diabetes, but it didn’t stop him from driving back to North Dakota to see Dani and her family before COVID.

John was predeceased by his parents, Papa John, Grandma Sally, his beloved Paddy and stepdaughter Michelle Giordani. He is survived by siblings Cathy, Linda and Leonard Wilson, and his dog Miss BooBoo. Also left to cherish his memory are stepdaughter Sandy  (Jeremy) French and grandson Austin; stepson Eddie (Joy) Sanders and granddaughter Angela; stepdaughter Maija Sanders and granddaughter Veronica; and granddaughter Danielle (Cory) Appleby and great-grandsons Emery and Renlee Appleby in North Dakota.

Memorial services are pending.