I posted the picture and post, and then I also wrote this and posted it along with it:

This post is for anyone who knows someone in the IDYLLWILD, Pine Cove, Fern Valley, or Mountain Center areas:


This darling dog has gone missing on the wedding day of the deer owners of this dog. Animal Rescue Friends in Idyllwild has been alerted and has put the word out but I am putting the word out as well, and my husband and I are going to go out and assist with the search.

If there’s anything you can do, we’d love to have your help. There are two things that come to mind for me on this:

You can help by posting this on your social media as well and then for anybody who is local, if you can come on out and assist with the search, we would love to have the help.

One of the most difficult things about rescuing a dog is that the dog has become frightened and is not willing to come to you because the pet doesn’t know you. So, if you can have some delicious treats with you, that could help. You might need to take a leash as well.

A frightened dog can cover a lot of territory in a short period of time. The address from where the dog was lost is:

25635 Tahquitz Drive

I would love it if we could make this wedding day the happiest day of their lives.

Call me if you have any questions. I’m posting here the post that I saw.

Thank you for your help.

Love always,

Chief of staff for Mayor Max