Creature Corner: Jan. 10, 2013

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Can you say “adopted”? Snowball, our bichon can. She’s on her way to a forever, loving home with a bichon-mix friend. Snowball, you will never find yourself abandoned in the snow again. Paws up.

Momma Sandy

Momma Sandy says “my momma days are done.” Her four puppies are weaned, almost paper-trained, and she has taught them puppy cleanliness. Playful with their siblings, and already in puppy training school, they are learning rules to make their future family happy. Momma is a young Chihuahua. She is very friendly with other canines. She is ready for a vacation from the kids, and a soft, round pillow by the fire will just suit her fine. Momma is getting her girly figure back, and loves to dance when her bowl arrives.

Winston, Betty, and Oreo are just a few of her friends at ARF who are also up for adoption.

In memory of the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy, we have named momma Sandy, and her babies carry the cherished names of four of the children who lost their lives too soon. Introducing Noah, Rachel, Dillon and Olivia. Puppy playtime has arrived at ARF and you are invited to join. Typically, everything new is something to chew on, but the puppy kisses always bring a smile. About 8 weeks old, they will get their first shots this Friday, and be ready for a home. Applications are going fast, so be sure to come in and play.

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