Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” ARF cats celebrated Kate’s, Murphy’s and Janey’s adoptions.

Little Girl: This last week wasn’t as successful as the week before.


Sadie: Right. We are all still here.

Little Girl: But we are warm, safe and surrounded by loving ARF humans.

Sadie: That is true, and we are grateful.

Little Girl: We did, however, get a new ARF dog. His name is Taz, and he is a Miniature Pincher, 10 years old.


Indigo: What is his story?

Little Girl: It’s kind of sad. His human, who was his guardian since he was a puppy, passed away.  His best friend in that home was a cat.

Pepper: I already like this guy!

Little Girl: The super sad news is a neighbor is keeping the cat, but couldn’t take Taz.

Heavenly Whiskers: He must be grieving something fierce.

Little Girl: He is. Poor boy lost his human and his best friend, all at the same time.

Pepper: How is he doing?

Little Girl: He is with a great foster who works from home, so he will have full-time attention. And the foster has two cats.


Pepper: That should make him happy.

Mr. Gray: I hope so. And I hope he will find a new forever family really soon.

Little Girl: I bet he will, but ARF says they won’t let him be adopted for a week or so. They said he is very stressed and confused, so they want him to settle and feel confident that he is in good hands.

Sadie: This is breaking my heart!

Little Girl: Mine, too, Sadie. But the ARF humans will work hard to find him the perfect home, maybe one with a cat or another dog.

Mr. Gray: Or just a loving human to make his world bright again.

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