Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” ARF cats discussed the new canine members.


Little Girl: Adoption news!

Panther: How fun! My first time in the cattery meeting.


Little Girl: Welcome, Panther. Are you comfortable?

Panther: To be honest, I’d rather not be around other cats. I want a home all to myself, or with a dog.

Mr. Gray: Hope it’s nothing personal. Anyway, who got adopted?

Little Girl: Both Taz and Pookie have found their forever families.

Panther: That is great news. Do you think I’ll find mine soon?

Little Girl: Tough to know.  The right human needs to come along, and you need to woo him or her.

Panther: That will be easy.  I’m so friendly and I love human attention.

Mr. Gray

Little Girl: As do I. You and I agree that a home with no other cats is grand. That way we get all the attention.  But whatever human adopts me will have to like a talker.

Indigo: No kidding! You do talk a lot, and I mean a lot.

Little Girl: So, maybe I am a little chatty. Whoever takes home Panther will need room. He’s pretty darned big.

Panther: More to love!

Little Girl: And one last thing. All five of the kittens and their mama now have been spoken for. They will go to their forever homes in about five weeks. They are so, so lucky.

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