We lost Mr. Bear aka Bérnaise at 11: 30 a.m. June 14, 2010. He was a great companion and friend for over 13 years. Mr. Bear was a local, purchased for $15 — the best money that I ever spent. Mr. Bear got his nickname, “Béarnaise,” from when he occasionally did the bad dog thing, like eating up a couch that did not belong to me. But that name slowly disappeared as he grew up.

Mr. Bear was the love of my life, raised by my dalmation, Roxy. He later helped to raise Kitty and Yogi, two Jack Russells. He never stopped being a father to the other dogs and never stopped being a pup himself. His last pup to raise was my current Jack Russell, Girl. They were the best of friends; she was always in charge and Mr. Bear always gave in to treats and toys.

Girl and I miss Mr. Bear; her tears and mine wish him the best in the after world of dogs. It was a sudden departure and we are not doing so well with your untimely demise. We love you, Mr. Bear. From Gary and Girl.