I am an employee of the State of California Transportation Department. On July 13 about 11 a.m., while on duty and in a state vehicle, I parked in a handicapped space at a business at the corner of Highway 243 and South Circle. A woman approached me and castigated me for my action.

She was right and I was wrong.

I informed my supervisor of the incident by phone after I vacated the parking spot. Later that day, I received an informal disciplinary action from my supervisor. That is a vebal warning to correct an action or behavior. Before the end of that work day, I made contact with a CHP officer and told him what I had done that morning. He told me that a verbal warning was appropriate since he had not witnessed the incident.

I have since apologized to my supervisor, coworkers, and the store manager and employees. I extend my apology publicly and especially to the woman who reproached me. My employer has supplied me with tools and training to accomplish the mission of road maintenance and related duties in a safe and efficient manner. I take responsiblity for my transgression. My employer is blameless.

Steve Finney