The donated plot of land now trying to be juggled into a so-called “community center” might as well be called the Community Center Mall.

There are plans for a strip of commercial shops edging the highway. Maybe the rent gathered from these shops will go toward maintaining the unneeded pool and the meeting hall.

Rest assured, they can cut all the trees down before they build. The economy might continue to falter and construction will not occur, in which case the barren clear-cut property reverts to the donors to develop as they see fit.

Due to the plume of petrochemicals under the property from the leaky gasoline station tanks, there are some health and safety concerns.

Let’s hope in the interim the Idyllwild Community Recreation Council still permits the community to use the land for musical events.

T.S. Bennett
Mountain Center

[Editor’s note: The Town Crier is not aware of the commercial plans which Mr. Bennett refers.]