The Woodies and Team Rubicon

Dear editor:
We want to acknowledge Norm, Dan and all the local “Woodies” as well as the Team Rubicon people for their fire abatement services.  
We are a low-income household that cannot afford to pay for such services and have just gotten too old to do it ourselves, so we don’t know what we would’ve done without these amazing people. 
While we weren’t keeping a constant watch on their labors during the three days they spent clearing our property, we did observe quite a bit of the work, taking numerous photos which show their energy, skills and high spirits and, contrary to a report we’ve seen, they all were observing the face covering and social distancing prescribed standards, lowering masks only when outdoors and at appropriate distances.
David Jason and Ellie Feeley

Abatement frustration

Dear editor:
I too have experienced the frustration of trying to get a vacant lot abated. The only difference is mine has been in Pine Cove and I have been at it for nine years! 
I have had Pine Cove Cal Fire write letters up until last year when they told me they were no longer responsible and gave me the number to Hazard Reduction.  
In calling that office I found out they don’t have responsibility for this area? So, like Mr. Weisbart, who are you supposed to call?
Robyn Donohue,
Pine Cove and Idyllwild

Spot-on work

Dear editor:
Just want to give a shout out about your spot-on work!
I live way down the hill towards Banning. I used to live in Idyllwild, was an Arts Academy faculty 18 years, but moved to a lower altitude and to something I could afford. Idyllwild has been part of my life since 1981. I read the T.C. as regularly as I can. Even though my area is not included in the communities Jack appealed to, I still feel connected to Idyllwild, often even more than Banning (secret).
However, I am going to go out on a limb about this (I’m 64 and altruistic) I sense what got Nancy uncomfortable was the stance of accusation. As my wife and I go back and forth about quite often, how things are presented can make all the difference in the world. After being in education for a great deal of my adult life, it seems folks have become a wee bit thin skinned.
Strength and courage, 
Mark Berres
Poppet Flats