Try the same services for the same fees. What a concept.

We must say no to the perpetual devaluation of our dollar. Every time we add new parcel fees or even double them, we feed the monster called inflation. They would have you believe they want to keep pace with inflation. What a can of garbage. They fuel inflation.

In the continuing Riverside County Grand Jury investigations the following deficiencies in Idyllwild Fire were just revealed:

  • Failure to monitor expenditures
  • Lack of training on the Brown Act
  • Late financial annual audits

In fact, the Grand Jury found that the true operating cost is not known for Idyllwild Fire Protection District (IFPD) as it is currently organized.

Now, Idyllwild Fire wants to double parcel taxes in Idyllwild and I suspect Pine Cove.

Only homeowners pay these outrageous service rip-offs, not renters, visitors, or tourists.

Tell IFPD, Riverside County Fire and CAL FIRE to get their houses in order before they double our taxes and offer fewer services. Perhaps they should take the Grand Jury’s advice and figure out what it costs before raising them.

Jeff Smith
Pine Cove


  1. Jeff, I was at that meeting and the 3 bullet points you refer to above were addressed.

    Failure to monitor expenses was a past practice and it is being address by the newly implemented double entry accounting system.

    Pete took responsibility for not being up to speed on the Brown act and told us all that they have engaged in training on it, and have been studying up on it.

    They have taken on catching up on past audits. They were not there when Kunkel screwed everything up, they are putting a lot of energy into cleaning up the mess from the past.

    Were you too busy reiterating your same points over and over to hear that?

    I am more than willing to pay $70 more or so to keep a fire department that is capable of 3 back to back ambulance calls back to back (AMR would never be able to do that), a full service fire department with a truck, a structure engine, and brush engines. I do not need an 'analysis' to know that Riverside County Fire could not supply the same services for anywhere near the same cost.

    Wake up, good service costs a bit. If you want no taxes and no services, move to Texas!