After reading the letters to the editor and coverage of the recent events in Idyllwild, I had to wonder to myself what had happened to the town I have known and loved for over 30 years.

The town I know is a town where we can disagree about politics, religion, the fire department, water district or one of many other issues, but we do so respectfully and without malice.

It seems recently accusations and assumptions are made without the effort to learn the facts. Reputations and feelings have been irreparably and unnecessarily hurt.

Let us find our way back to the town where people volunteer to help their neighbors and strangers, people who give rides to hikers they do not know, support the schools when they have no children and who respect those who think, look or act differently than they do.

If we do not find a way to do this, I fear no one will be willing to serve on committees or elected positions because of the constant second-guessing and personal attacks.

Janice Fast