First off, I would like to state that in over 30 years on the Hill, I have been hesitant to respond to delusional letters to the editor. I feel compelled at this time to speak up in response to Norm Cassen’s letter [in the July 28 issue] in which he makes disparaging remarks about John Simpson.

In all of my interactions with John, I have found him to be an honest, straight shooter who is nothing less than a gentleman and an extraordinary addition to this community. He is a man of character and integrity who stepped up when no one else would to join and later chair the Idyllwild Community Recreation Council.

As the old saying goes, “No good deed goes unpunished.”

Next, to imply that John’s hidden agenda is to benefit his business is total fabrication. The fact of the matter is that when the community center comes into being it is possible that it may have a negative impact on his business in that some of the events that the Rainbow Inn would normally host might be relocated to a larger, more conducive facilty. Oh, and by the way, Norm, the [swimming] pool is for the use and benefit of the whole community.

For everyone’s information, there is a new revitalized Idyllwild Community Center Commitee (ICCC) that is picking up the ball to get the community center project back on track. In the not too distant future, there will be a town hall type meeting to give a Community Center update of where we are and a road map of where we hope to go. The ICCC will be there to answer questions and take comments.

In addition, your ludicrous assertion that the benefactors plan to later develop a strip mall on the property reeks of desperation on your part, Norm. [This suggestion was in a July 21 letter from T.S. Bennett.] Think about it, people give the town a million and half dollar piece of property so they can develop a strip mall? Good grief, folks, look around town and let’s talk vacancies and rent reductions to save existing tenants.

In closing, maybe it is time for some of the good citizens of the Hill out there to weigh in on the project at hand. It seems to me that it is always the negative squeaky wheels that get the attention.

Pete Capparelli