I just returned from a walk to the pharmacy and on my way back, I encountered the “Battle of the Bands.”

My issue isn’t with the musicians, they are doing what they get paid to do. My issue is with the proprietors that hire them.

I totally understand why they are hired and that is to draw attention to their establishment. But the battle of the bands is a little much.

After all, this is a small village and there is an infinite range of volume on all amplifiers. Somewhere between off and full blast would be appreciated.

Visitors come to Idyllwild for may reasons. To be entertained, to shop, to eat, to hike, to stroll through the village and, occasionally, to enjoy the ambiance of the trees, the sky and peace and quiet.

I have been to many small towns and villages in the past where they had curb side musicians. The music, for the most part, was intended to be heard by the customers in the immediate vicinity of the employer, not by the red tailed hawk sitting in the top of a pine tree near High Castle.

I understand that summertime is a busy time on the Hill and particularly in the village. With all the activities that are planned, I think we could accommodate all of our visitors if just one thing were exercised, and this consideration.

Consideration of all of our visitors’ wants and needs can be achieved and everyone can go home with a good feeling about Idyllwild, not a bad experience.

Welcome to Idyllwild. I hope whatever you came to Idyllwild looking for, you found and return home relaxed and feeling refreshed.

Jim Palmer