A possible response to Mr. Dunn’s Aug. 11 letter to the editor. No, there are evidently not enough letters to the editor to keep the column going some weeks. Idyllwild has just as many complacent people living here as anywhere.

As for hatred, it was coming from the vigilantes against their nemeses, the hippies. There was no hatred in my letters.

Naturally you wouldn’t have seen the militant moters in action, they were sneaky. Your comprehension of my letter was flawed — the women put the flyer under the wipers of “visitors” to town, not town young people.

If you were to do research, you would easily find the names of the vigilantes in the court records (unless they have had the records expunged). Then, you could look up the names of their wives.

They have all passed on, except one. It would be silly of her to comment at this late date about uptight, conservative, close-minded and hateful actions from the past.

Everyone mellows with age. The hippies got older, the town changed its tune, started bad-mouthing gays, it’s always something. The junior Chamber of Commerce evolved into the Chamber of Commerce.

Mr. Smith and myself have ideas in our letters; all your letter did was complain. You apparently just want to argue and call us “hate spewers.” Where’s any idea from you?

Enough spent words, now a comment about the ICRC, ICC, or whatever name they are tip-toeing around with. Has anyone seen the plans except the architect, Robert Priefer? They said the Planning Commission has rubber-stamped and essentially passed the plans over to the county supervisors.

It would be interesting to find out dollar amounts of campaign contributions given by which Idyllwilders to which supervisors.

So, I guess it will take a lawsuit to stop this monkey bar extravaganza.

Because of the dangerous, toxic, cancer-causing plume that exists under the “playground,” in my opinion, if they go ahead with this doomed commercial venture, they will be endangering the children’s lives, and that’s criminal.

With any luck there will be picketing, the signs will read “Save our children from toxic waste.”

T.S. Bennett
Mountain Center

Editor’s note: A plan, which includes a future theater, parking and other facilities, is available on the ICRC website: www.idyllwildrecreation.org/ICC_Renderingx.html.