I’m grateful to be in one piece and able to write this letter.

All year, I have watched people drive unsafely up and down Saunders Meadow Road past Idyllwild School.

I was finally compelled to write this letter after once again nearly being run over, this time twice in one day, while crossing the street at the crosswalk by the gate at Strawberry Valley Road.

Drivers speed up and down Saunders Meadow and right through the crosswalk with barely a glance. In the year I have been teaching at Idyllwild School, I remember only two cars that stopped for me to cross.

Yes, there is a crosswalk, people, and this is a school zone! Besides the speed with which drivers come barreling up and down the street, others park their cars along the road to pick up their children in the no parking zone directly alongside the school. This impedes visibility in the crosswalk.

I am amazed that no one has yet been hurt. Many children and adults arrive and exit the school here.

Please, think, slow down and give pedestrians the right of way before someone is terribly hurt. It could be your child.

Sally Salter
Fern Valley