We have completed another year of Idyllwild Summer Concerts and this concludes 12 summers. The generous support of time, talent and money has now made this happen for 12 seasons.

Since Idyllwild Summer Concerts moved to our own Community Center, the attendance has grown to record levels. It’s a pleasure to watch everyone enjoying the concerts. The concerts have truly become a community gathering. Thanks also to ICRC for providing a wonderful venue. Everyone comments that the Community Center is the perfect place for this event. I sincerely hope this venue continues to be available to the summer concerts.

Over the years we have enjoyed a wide mix of bands and entertainment and we try to provide music that everyone likes. I would like to thank everyone who comes to our concerts and supports them with attendance.

As with all large public events, rules have to be made to ensure that everyone is safe and enjoy themselves without interfering with someone else’s enjoyment. Over the years rules have come and gone and new ones may be in place in the future, and we appreciate that attendees respect the enjoyment of all in attendance.

I must also say thanks to my board, staff of volunteers, too numerous to mention here, especially Perry and Javier who show up at 7 a.m. and work with me usually until about 11 p.m. Without them these concerts could not be possible.

The real heroes of the concert seasons of course are the legions of contributors from the most modest to the major sponsors. You are all important to the success of the concerts. While these concerts are free, they cost in many ways — from portable toilets to the fees paid to the bands not to mention lots of other expenses. You, the contributors, are the true spirit of Idyllwild and you represent the reason that Idyllwild is the best place to live and visit. Thank you Idyllwild!

Kenneth J. Dahleen
President, Idyllwild Summer Concerts