By Mimi and Hooch

Four paws up to Hobo, also known as Licky. He found his comfort zone with his foster family, and is now part of a forever pack.
TDukehis strawberry blond is a true gentleman. His claim to fame is an unfailing loyalty to his person and his greatest pleasure is just to be with you. There is, of course, a love of the walk, and he displays good manners on leash. While Duke is tolerant of other dogs, there really is no room in his castle for cats. Duke needs to feel secure in his home, knowing for sure his person will return, before being left alone.

Annie, our Chihuahua/min pin mix, is slow to trust, and searches for the loving arms of an human angel that she can feel secure with. She loves the morning walk, and is learning commands. Lots of exercise calms this agile girl, balanced with lap time and, of course, treats as a reward for good behavior. Annie is almost 2 years old and has lived in shelters most of her life. She is healthy, resilient and adorable, and just needs someone to take her home.
ranite is a handsome dark haired tabby. Happy to just lounge around, he is playful, too, and absolutely loves to be groomed. He is tolerant of other felines, OK with canines, and is all about his human.
Callista is looking forward to a warm lap this winter. Not requiring much, Calli will wait patiently for your return, using her free time to lounge and catch up on beauty sleep. Not vocal, litterbox trained, and a beauty to boot!

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