Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” the ARF cats wanted to celebrate ARF’s 25th anniversary.
Indie: I heard the 25th anniversary celebration was really fun. Wish we could have gone.
Zeus: Now, Indie, what would we have done at a human party?
Heavenly Whiskers: I know! We could have wooed the party goers with our charm. Maybe we would have been adopted.
Sadie: I would have been stressed.
Heavenly Whiskers: Yeah, I guess I would have been, too.
Mr. Gray: Meeting new humans can be very stressful for any of us, even here in the cattery.
Pepper: That’s why sometimes I guess we don’t “show” too well.
George: Speak for yourself, Pepper. I show just fine, thank you.
Zeus: So what does that mean for the rest of us?
Mr. Gray: It means that we don’t look like friendly, lovable pets, even though we are.
Indie: So what do you think we need to do to “show” better?
Pepper: Really, it’s the humans who need to understand us and how we feel when a stranger comes into the cattery.
Heavenly Whiskers: Right you are, Pepper. The humans need to plan to spend a little time here, just sitting and watching us. Before they know it, we’ll be approaching them.
Thomas: And when we get adopted, I hope they know that most of us will be confused and scared. We might hide for the first few days while we adjust to and learn about our new homes.
Pepper: So it really comes down to patience.
George: And that patience will pay off, big time.
Sadie: It will pay off with a loyal, affectionate and friendly companion.
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