Mountain Disaster Preparedness (MDP) has scheduled its second-annual Idyllwild Shake Up Drill and Simulation from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m., Saturday, Sept. 10 and is encouraging everyone in the community to participate.

MDP volunteers, along with personnel from the Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Services (RACES) and the MDP Core Medical Team. will man an Incident Command Center at the Idyllwild Fire Station. The intent is to duplicate as much as possible the actual operations and procedures to be used in an emergency such as a major earthquake, as well as determining coordination of communications with agencies such as Idyllwild Fire, Office of Emergency Services (OES), etc. In case of an actual disaster, community members are asked to go to their closest Diaster Aid Station (DAS). Their locations are listed in the Idyllwild Phone Book and on the map in the display case at the post office. This information is also available at

Three DAS units will be involved in the Sept. 10 drill: DAS B at the Resource Center on Franklin Drive, DAS D at Town Hall and DAS E at Astrocamp. Community members are invited to volunteer at one of these stations or to simply attend to observe and learn about their function.