I am a half-timer in Idyllwild. Half the week I am in San Diego and half in Idyllwild. In anticipation of the installation of the new water pipeline by the Fern Valley Water District (FVWD) on South Circle Drive, I wanted to know if I needed to prepare my landscape for any digging in my front yard.

So, I called the FVWD office from my home in San Diego and spoke to Steve Erler, general manager, about this, as I had not received any written notification regarding the work other than the FVWD newsletter. Steve was very helpful and forthcoming with information.

He asked for my address in Idyllwild and said that there should not be any intrusion on the landscaping near the street. He then offered to go to my house, take a look at the area and give me a call back. I was surprised at his offer and said it was not necessary. He indicated that it would be no problem for him to drive over to my house, take a look around and call me back in San Diego. Within minutes, he called me back and provided very accurate information as to what to expect with the pipeline installation in front of my house.

This generous offer and information was greatly appreciated and would never have happened in San Diego, where I would have just gotten the runaround. Only in Idyllwild.

John Thomford
Idyllwild/San Diego