American Idol finalist and local pop hero Casey Abrams is pictured with his longtime friend and jazz mentor, Idyllwild Arts' Marshall Hawkins. Photo: Courtesy Ira and Pam Abrams

A hometown block party, sponsored by Café Aroma, will welcome home Idyllwild’s American Idol finalist, Casey Abrams on Sunday, Sept. 25 from 3 to 7 p.m. on North Circle Dr. between Café Aroma and Idyllwild Heating and Cooling.

The street will be blocked off for the town party and everyone who became a Caseynista during the show’s run is welcome to attend. Because he did not finish in the top three on American Idol, Abrams did not get a televised hometown celebration. Because he was on tour during the summer, he could not accept invitations for a spot in Idyllwild's Fourth of July Parade or Jazz in the Pines Festival. Idyllwild now awaits the chance to welcome home Abrams with all the enthusiasm his American Idol run engendered.

A talented Idyllwild Elementary School and Idyllwild Arts graduate, Abrams is now an international celebrity. The American Idol season 10 tour is officially over, having concluded in the Philippines, and Abrams is finally free to bask in the appreciation and high esteem of his Hill hometown fans.

Café Aroma and the Creek House will be open during the festivities with food and drink. A stage will be set for Idyllwild’s finest — many of our exceptional local musicians. And, although not confirmed, it is possible that Abrams will join to jam.

Reportedly, Abrams will sign autographs and meet fans in person. A word of caution — the tour was grueling, Abrams has just returned from a 16-hour, 20-minute flight from Asia and hopefully fans will understand if he isn't 100 percent.

But other than that consideration, all are invited to come and celebrate Casey Abrams, his family, his friends, and the town that helped shape this fine young talent.