Yes, it was a wonderful Chamber of Commerce meeting last week.

The atmosphere was professional and businesslike. The board members were united, but very open and looking to new ideas. Decisions were discussed and actions were made without long-winded speeches from a board member.

And, best of all, the audience, concerned citizens and business owners, were made to feel an important part of the meeting.

We were able to raise questions and each and every one of us was welcomed to contribute.

Splendid job by President Nick [Todd] and the rest of the board. I wish all the meetings in Idyllwild were like this.

A new committee was formed (actually a continuation of a successful group, “Brain Stormers”) to consider ways of attracting visitors to Idyllwild. Our common-sense recommendation of a downtown park instead of a community center development was warmly received.

Sharon Cassen
Pine Cove