When I was forty-one I no longer lived near a park, so I decided to jog in the street; the concrete being too tough on one’s knees and feet.  I made the error of running on the right side of the road, as if I were driving.  Even though I was all the way over by the curb, a car came by and honked at me.  I was very angry, but decided to get my DMV manual out to check who was right.  To my surprise, one is supposed to jog or walk on the side FACING the traffic.  The reference is California Vehicle Code 21956.  One doesn’t need to walk in the street unless there are no sidewalks.  Idyllwild is a beautiful place to live, but necessitates all pedestrians to walk facing the traffic, while hugging the side of the road.  That’s the way I always walk.  That said, today, while walking by the offices of the Town Crier, headed into town, a little white car approached me and honked! I don’t know many people in town, but thought it might be someone I knew, so I turned back to look at the car.  With no one else around, and me being completely out of their way, I could only assume that the driver was ignorant of the law.  Hopefully, this information will put them in the know, and assist the many tourists who persist in walking on the wrong side of the road.

Barry J. Fox

Idyllwild, CA     

P.S.  I totally agree with your position on the fire department.