I was just talking to Ron-the-drywaller who has a sideline business of harvesting firearm ammunition brass from target shooting sites in the San Bernardino Mountains south of the 10 freeway and reselling it online.

He said the Bee Canyon road is once again laden with much brass from recent target shooting. Isn’t that area closed off to shooting because of fire danger? Apparently, after-hours gun enthusiasts are shooting anyway on National Forest land.

Furthermore, Time Warner’s overhead fiber optic line that runs through that area that allows me to send you this email was also a favorite target of a pernicious marksman or two not too long ago. Ask Time Warner cable guys.

I am in the middle of dealing with up to three gunshot victims who were shot in extremities at my tenant’s big party by a gun-wielding 18-year-old (who was subsequently arrested). So, needless to say I won’t be joining the National Rifle Association anytime soon and question the worthwhileness of any open-air shooting in a county with more people than any of one of eight or more western states.

It seems to me that in an era filled with people becoming more devoid of respect or responsibility to each other that the use of firearms is questionable altogether and here on the high-fire danger Hill is an even worse idea.

Mike Reno
Pine Cove