I love the thoughtful reflections published in the Town Crier. I greatly appreciated Bryan Asch’s “Human Etiquette” column (Jan. 29, 2015) and last year’s interview of the enthusiastic young scientist who followed his passion and became an astronomer, specializing in cosmology.

But Conor O’Farrell’s “Love is Active” meditation (Feb. 19, 2015) was so great and on the mark that I had to write to you. In essence he said that love is not just a warm feeling; it’s how we treat the person we love that really counts, and then he quoted St. Paul’s famous passage on love in 1 Corinthians 13.

I’d like to say “amen” by quoting a much humbler source: the funny little snowman named Olaf in the Disney animated movie, “Frozen.” At a climactic point in the movie when Princess Anna has just been betrayed and is in danger of freezing to death, she tells Olaf, “I don’t even know what love is anymore.” He answers her, “That’s OK; I do. Love is putting someone else’s needs before yours.” That is so close to the Christian agape, the highest form of love, which desires what is best for the other person.

I appreciate all of you great columnists for sharing your wisdom with us.

Julie Naidich
Santa Fe, New Mexico