What deeply frustrates me is to read numerous articles in our TC that are demeaning, unsubstantiated, therefore, untrue remarks and attacks related to our dedicated Idyllwild Water District.

Reference to unjustifiable comments that are either not true or highly misunderstood:

1) IWD has a full-time CFO when no other water district on the Hill has one because IWD is the largest water district and the most profitable. Also, because of the assistance of our CFO, it has been receiving numerous federal/state grant funding to facilitate continuing upgrades of the water system.

2) IWD currently is not providing “water meters” because it has all of its customers’ best interests in mind. By issuing additional or larger water meters, it could risk going into Stage 3 and would jeopardizes all of IWD customers to please a few. IWD is making every effort on its part to conserve our water during a long drought of five years. In the meantime, let’s back IWD efforts and stand together as a supportive community and ride this out together.

3) Unless you’re reviewing the minutes, you’ll not know that numerous of the “3-2” votes are often because our new board members are “undecided” and don’t yet understand what is best for IWD. So why in the heck would we want our knowledgable senior board members to resign and leave it to new board members who are not yet fully informed of our water conditions to make executive decisions for us?

4) The recycled waste water for IWD may be confusing for many of us and also it’s good to know a great deal of research has been done, and the federal and state government are working closely with this new program. We have a choice: Either we continue to lose valuable resources or we implement our generous grant funding to keep “our” water safely and productively on the Hill.

5) It would appear to be irresponsible management of time for IWD to create policy accommodating “individual” requests such as: personal tours of the waste treatment plant and information of past/present employees/board members available. Providing information is important, when proper utilization of time is equally so.

Come on Idyllwild community, and especially the TC, let’s stop the unverified criticism of IWD and the improper comments and behavior without all the facts and instead let’s get behind IWD and provide it the support and respect it deserves.

Dr. M. P. Wylie


Editor’s note: Dr. Wylie is the wife of IWD President Jim Billman.