We are inundated with radio waves in our lives — radio waves from hundreds of satellites, cell phone towers, microwave transfer stations, television and broadcasters, on the mountaintops and in the city.

Nobody knows the relationship of radio waves to cancer. There seems to be some connection. Cell phones are blamed for causing brain tumors.

Recent research by Dr. Christopher Busby (google him) on cell phone tumors has proved it, and people should try to use remote earpieces while talking on their phones to minimize the chances of tumors. Laws in Europe protect minors from unsupervised cell phone usage because the young are more susceptible to developing cancer than older individuals.

Evidence is growing that Smart Meters on your electric system are only good for the electric utility and are not good for the people enshrouded in a “radio cloud,” caused by the meters communicating with each other.

Each Smart Meter is a small computer, connected to every other Smart Meter by a radio wave network — 1 to 3 watts of radiated power. Each meter is radiating radio waves up to a mile away from itself, connecting together in what is called a “mesh network.”

Each Smart Meter is a “node” in the network and each meter is a “hub” in that network. Since it is a network, it communicates with itself whether it is just one or many.

The Smart Meter can turn on or off “star” appliances in your house, without your knowledge or permission. The Smart Meter knows what you turned on or off and when — a little Peeping Tom in your house. Of course, if you don’t pay your bill the Smart Meter can be told to turn off your power without any delay, just a keystroke away.

A class action suit is forming in San Diego County, to remove the Smart Meters.

The suit has to be a group lawsuit for invasion of privacy and other issues because removing one meter from the mesh network does nothing to negate the remaining meters from emanating the radio cloud of transmissions that go through your body, with damage accumulating and possible cancer developing.

Those interested in having more knowledge, and starting our own class action lawsuit against these insidious meters from hell that invade our privacy and limit our free choices, get busy.

T. S. Bennett
Mountain Center