I see an absurd polarization in the town among its elected and quasi-leadership. It would be an oversimplification to say it’s between liberals and conservatives or hillbillies and newbies or visitors.

We need accountable, affordable, sustainable, and usable water, ambulance, fire, and recreation services, and hence the problem. It’s easy to acquire just one or two facets, [then] just exploit the others and you’re done.

Apathy and polarization are harvested in this way by the town’s politicians. It’s been done here for over a hundred years. Surface water use and abuse by local districts is the prime example of this historic polarization.

I feel abused by our elected and nonelected, quasi-officials. They sell me a bill of goods as the best solution. What they don’t say is that others’ finances and resources are exploited for “our” benefit because that was or is easier than having to develop a more thoughtful outcome.

Each action by me has been an act of protest against this abuse. Once again, a grand jury has been seated at the request of another for the 2011-12 fiscal year. Those who seek grand jury intervention see no other option. Jury findings and recommendations typically are unanimously rejected by those investigated regardless of merit, thus fueling polarizations.

I suggest a better way. Great leadership is not simply defined by the good times but also its effectiveness during hard times. First understand the opposition, then seek a consensus within that understanding. Step up to the plate and be a good leader.

Residents on the mountain are listening.

Jeff Smith
Pine Cove