Flame Throwers’ Cody Espinoza executes a penalty kick against a solid line of Tsunami’s players in front of their goal during the exciting game at Idyllwild School on Friday, Oct. 5. Photos by Cid Castillo

Jeremy Teeguarden reported on Town Hall Youth Soccer for the week of Oct. 3.

Minor League (ages 4-5)
On Thursday, Oct. 6, the Café Aroma Galaxy took on the Idyllwild Heating and Cooling Bobcats. Both teams played great and hustled all over the field. Isabella Mirro played great for the Bobcats and Meili Stroud did a great job kicking the ball all over the place for the Galaxy.

In the second game, the American Legion Hurricanes took on the La Casita Ravens. Both teams played hard the whole game in a very even match up. Charlie Towler played great for the Hurricanes dribbling the ball down to the goal a bunch of times. Lance George had a good game for the Ravens, playing great defense and hustling for the ball throughout the game.

Flame Thrower goalie Aly Fogle effectively guards her goal from a ball kicked by Tsunami’s player Jeremiah Whitney during Friday’s game conducted by Town Hall.
Major League (ages 6-7)
On Monday, Oct. 3, the Sacco Dining Wolverines took on the Rotary Green Machine. In a hard fought game the Wolverines focused on playing good defense. Jessica Rueles stood strong on defense and kept the Green Machine’s attack at bay. Joel White had an outstanding game for the Green Machine, hustling the whole game and getting an assist on a goal. The Wolverines’ Michael Stroud played great, assisting on a goal and playing tough all game as his team went on to win 2-1.

Thursday’s game was between two brave teams willing to take on the cold weather and the rain. The Arriba Black Knights took on the Sacco Dining Wolverines. Just as the game started, the rain began falling, but you couldn’t tell from the looks on the kids’ faces.

Both teams played hard. The Wolverines’ Reese Whitney started the scoring with a swift kick that found the back of the net. Maraja Kelly battled hard the entire game, determined to get the ball close to the goal for the Black Knights. In the end, the Wolverines prevailed 3-0.

Standings Wins Losses Ties
Sacco Dining Wolverines 3 1 0
Rotary Green Machine 1 1 1
Arriba Black Knights 0 2 1

Pro League (ages 8-11)
On Friday, Sept. 30, the Dr. Dunn and Dunn Orange Crush took on the Jo’An’s Flame Throwers, who were looking for their first win. The Flame Throwers came out firing and Nick Uecker scored an early goal that set the tone for the game. The Orange Crush battled hard but couldn’t find a rythm. Rory Wilke charged all over the field and got the ball close a few times but it wasn’t enough. The Flame Throwers’ first win was a 4-1 victory over the Orange Crush.

On Friday, Oct. 7, Jo’An’s Flame Throwers played the Pacific Slope Tsunami’s. Trying to win their second game in a row, the Flame Throwers got two early goals and a great effort from Pierce Pramuka, who hustled all game. Max Neu fought hard for the Tsunami’s. But the Flame Throwers won their second straight 3-0.

Standings Wins Losses
Jo’An’s Flame Throwers 2 1
Dunn and Dunn Orange Crush 1 1
Pacific Slope Tsunami’s 1 2