Property tax dollars belong to this town, not the Idyllwild Community Recreation Council (ICRC), Bill Sanborn or Marge Muir.

ICRC must be a property owner elected group. It’s not a school, Bill or Marge, mandated by the State constitution. It certainly should not be for a bank account with Bob Lewis, Dawn Sonnier, or Chris Singer’s names on it. ICRC is a non-tax user group wanting property tax dollars in bank accounts with their names on it unprepared to mandate ownership by the taxpayers.

I could say a lot about ICRC and good ole boys hiring themselves and their family at outrageous salaries ripping off taxpayer dollars but...

ICRC deceives this town about it’s ownership and use. ICRC says “our community center” or do they?

ICRC and ICC members through a private, unaccountable and secret proxy own the site. They own the books with no oversight, no one else can see what they do, just like a businessman or woman who wants our tax dollars to fund the failing business district. ICRC wants a business convention center in town, not next to a soccer or baseball field like most community centers. It’s a motorcycle Hog fest site. Watch em, ICRC will never deny it. Since when are taxpayer recreation dollars to be exploited by businesses?

We have lots of land on this mountain for a community center and soccer and baseball fields. Why is it that the town businesses want a site in town, on highly contaminated land (do you really think gasoline spilled of this magnitude goes away without cleanup)? But hey if the land owner’s engineer says its going away it must be gone.

Didn’t Marge Muir own the gas station with those ruptured, single-walled tanks? Thank goodness she sold it before the leak were detected. It’s a good thing she now manages the HAZMAT site and the gasoline coming from the gas station.

Think Idyllwild and Pine Cove! You’re being ripped off by some good ole boys and their flock of sheep to be slowly consumed at a later date.

Jeff Smith
Pine Cove