It is now one month since my letter was published requesting local chiropractors to join the provider list for the Veterans Choice program.

As of this morning, none of the chiropractors have been added to the list. To their credit, both medical clinics and one physical therapy office are on the list.  That leaves three chiropractors who take Medicare payments, but seem to balk at taking payment from another government agency.

So, what’s wrong with signing up with TriWest Healthcare Alliance (aka Veterans Choice)?  In the Army we used to say, “There’s always that 10 percent that doesn’t get the word.” Well, here’s the phone number again: 1-866-606-8198.

Now, there’s no law that states you must support veterans, but conversely, there’s no law that states veterans must support those who dismiss them and their service.  So, here we are a month later with the score unchanged: local chiropractors 3,  Veterans 0.

Barry J. Fox