Town Hall’s Pro League (8-11) Soccer Champions the Tsunamis, sponsored by Pacific Slope Photo by Cid Castillo

Jeremy Teeguarden reported on Town Hall Youth Soccer for the week of Nov. 7.

Pro League (ages 8-11)
The playoff game between the Doctors Dunn and Dunn Orange Crush and the Pacific Slope Tsunamis was played on Tuesday, Nov. 1.

The Tsunamis started well. Ben Tiso scored an early goal. Christian Ramirez and Jake Gurling battled hard for the Orange Crush; but they were unable to get past the Tsunamis’ solid defense. The Tsunamis tacked on a couple of second-half goals and won the playoff game 3-0. The Tsunamis earned a trip to the championship game against Jo’An’s Flame Throwers.

After a week of delays due to bad weather, Jo’An’s Flame Throwers and the Pacific Slope Tsunamis played the championship game on Thursday, Nov. 10.

As the game developed, it was clear that goals would be hard to come by as both teams played solid defense. The Tsunamis’ Max and Joey Neu played fantastically, stopping Flame Throwers all over the field. Zack Fogle and Cody Espinoza for the Flame Throwers had a couple tough shots on goal, but were stopped.

With the score 0-0 the Flame Throwers’ Nick Uecker, with a couple nice moves, got a shot on goal but the Tsunami’s Jeremiah Whitney made the save of the year as he knocked the hard hit ball away. With less than five minutes remaining in the game, the Tsunamis’ Noah Rutherford got open in the middle and launched the ball into the goal. The Tsunami’s held on and won the championship game 1-0.

It was a great season as all three teams were very even and could have won on any given day. Congratulations to the Tsunamis. Thanks to all the sponsors, coaches, referees, parents and kids for a great soccer season.

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