Control of the ball went back and forth between the Wolverines and the Black Knights during their Saturday, Oct. 15 game. Wolverine Cody Fogle battles Black Knight Breanna Sheppard as two other Wolverines close in. Photo by Cid Castillo

Jeremy Teeguarden reported on Town Hall Youth Soccer for the week of Oct. 10.

Minor League (ages 4-5)

On Thursday, Oct. 13, both teams played after getting team pictures taken. The Idyllwild Heating and Cooling Bobcats took on the La Casita Ravens. Manuel Guzman played great for the Bobcats, dribbling the ball all over the field. The Ravens’ Jonathan Geare had an outstanding game playing solid defense and hustling the whole game.

The other game pitted the American Legion Hurricanes against the Café Aroma Galaxy. Lilliana Sorensen had a lot of big kicks for the Hurricanes while Maddie Williamson’s enthusiastic play included great defense for the Galaxy.

Major League (ages 6-7)

Wolverine no. 6 Cody Fogle makes a goal against Black Knight goalie Maraja Kelly after getting past Black Knight No. 2 Rene Hernandez during Town Hall’s soccer game this weekend.

On Thursday, Oct. 13, the Arriba Black Knights took on the Rotary Green Hornets, whose Sylvan Campbell played outstanding offense. She got the ball close to the goal on several occasions. The Black Knights’ Lauren Johnson played great defense. But, on this day, the Knights couldn’t score a goal and the Green Hornets won 3-0.

On Saturday, the Black Knights played the Sacco Dinning Wolverines. The Wolverines scored a couple quick goals, thanks in part to Lucas Odum. The Black Knights played tough in the second half as Phoenix Bernal played great defense, but the Wolverines went on to win 4-1.

Standings Wins Losses Ties
Sacco Dining Wolverines 4 1
Rotary Green Hornets 2 1 1
Arriba Black Knights 0 4 1

Pro League (ages 8-11)

On Tuesday, Oct. 11, the Drs. Dunn and Dunn Orange Crush took on the Pacific Slope Tsunamis. The Orange Crush got an early lead from Dylan Reinhart’s two goals. The Tsunami’s didn’t give up.

In the second half, thanks to Zach Gray’s solid midfield play, the Tsunamis came back and took the lead, 3-2. But, the Orange Crush wasn’t crushed and they tied the game in the final minutes with a score of 3-3.

Later in the week, the Orange Crush played the Jo’An’s Flame Throwers. The Orange Crush came out firing and scored two early goals. Alia Teeguarden, of the Crush, played tough pushing the ball down to the goal many times. Zach Fogle played great for the Flame Throwers. The final score was 4-2, in favor of the Orange Crush.

On Saturday, the Orange Crush wrapped up a busy week (three games) and played their second game against the Pacific Slope Tsunamis. This time the Tsunami’s came out firing early as Josh Gray played agressively. Ama Severa played great for the Orange Crush, hustling all over the field, but it wasn’t enough as the Tsunamis went on to win 3-1.

Standings Wins Losses Ties

Dunn and Dunn Orange Crush 2 2 1
Pacific Slope Tsunamis 2 2 1
Jo’An’s Flame Throwers 2 2 0

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