I can respond to the “occupier” and Conor O’ Farrell in one fell swoop. These types of folks simply deplore this country and the framers’ ideas of free trade, small government and free-market capitalism.

In addition to their hatred for what is the greatest country on the planet, they have no depth to their understanding of the Constitution. I handed an occupier a pocket copy of the Constitution and guess what she did? She threw it on the ground with disgust.

The glue that binds the occupiers and the O’Farrells of the world is hatred; hatred towards people who think differently, hatred for people and institutions that have become successful, hatred toward the founding principles, just plain hatred.

There is no such thing as “income distribution.” That is a made up term. Income is earned, and a portion of that income, in the form of taxation, provides for very limited government that takes care only of its limited responsibilities. The occupy types just want everything to be given to them, and cringe at the idea of earning stuff and paying their own way in life. They could tax everyone 100 percent of their income and we would still be trillions in debt and everyone would suffer.

Let’s have a little fun, ask a Lib[eral] what he or she would do if law enforcement came and demanded to search their residence, or interrogate them or their children without counsel, due cause, or a warrant, what they would do? They, of course, would not comply and would most assuredly invoke the Fourth Amendment, or the Fifth Amendment for that matter.

The “occupier” shouts about the First Amendment’s right to gather peaceably in protest; the occupy movement, however, is far from peaceable. They hypocritically wave the Constitution about with one hand and toss it on the ground with the other. The occupy movement is dangerous; but not because of its effectiveness, it is dangerous because the occupy movement is fueled by hatred and inundated in racism and anti-Semitism. They defecate on police cars and American flags. There have been rapes, assaults, and heavy drugs at the occupy encampments, as well as calls for violence and hundreds of arrests. When the 17 enumerated powers of the Constitution are mentioned to an occupier or a Lib their eyes glaze over, to hide their ignorance, hatred boils to the surface.

You see, they only like the parts of the Constitution that benefit them, and they hate the parts that do not benefit them. The Constitution can be accepted only in totality, the likable parts as well as the not so likable parts. The unions are the only ones who will benefit from the “movement” not the occupiers.

O’Farrell mentioned last week that “Government defines itself by what it does for its people, not by what it doesn’t do.” I have come
to believe that O’Farrell is just making it all up as he goes, whatever sounds good. The truth is that government does not define itself, Government is defined by the people. Our nation was built very concretely and indisputably upon the idea of limited government. That is the basis of how the Constitution was conceived and then presented to the people.

You can read all about it in actual literature, try the Federalist Papers. The Constitution’s 17 enumerated powers limit government; therefore government is not only defined by its people, but by its limitations.

Americans, by the way, are defined by what they do for themselves, not by what government does for them.

I agree with Conor about the gay marriage debate; Jimmy Carter might call that “a starting point.” I believe that Republicans are on the wrong side of history on that matter and on the losing end of that debate as well. I will leave defending the evil practice of abortion to the evil, and I remain faithfully on the side of protecting human life; especially life that cannot protect itself.

As soon as Obama is gone, the occupiers can go back to figuring out how to avoid work, the stock market will steady, money will be risked, the economy will improve, and other nations will either respect or fear us accordingly. If you want things to change for the good, vote Obama out. If you want things to continue to decline, vote for Obama. If you don’t understand what was written here, stay home on Election Day.

Oyen Hoffman