Come on! Really?

There are scrooges among us. We enjoy going out to eat at our local restaurants on a daily basis. Then grab a movie every couple of weeks at the Rustic Theatre for the ridiculous low fee of only $8.

We like to think it helps support the local economy. We were thrilled to know that our patronage would be rewarded with the Idy Rewards program that Shane Stewart so generously provided to our community.

With one click on their web page, we found out “How it works” which was fully disclosed on what you could receive. Our mouths water when we get to enjoy a complimentary, delicious piece of rhubarb or blueberry pie just by handing the girls at The Red Kettle an Idy Rewards card with 10 punches on it.

Easy and simple.

But wait, there are a few idiots in this town that think they can make up their own rules and somehow are convinced that they are entitled to other items which they think should be given to them that are not disclosed in this program.

So let’s try and intimidate the attendants at these participating stores with yelling vocals, abusive language, threatening actions and, oh yeah, let’s knock over a display on our way out to really show them!

Come on! Really?

The program is now ending so that these employees can feel safe in their work environment. So the few scrooges in this town that ruin it for the rest of us, I say, “Bah humbug!”

To the Stewarts, I say, “Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!” It is good that you always attempt to think up new ideas to bring to this community, whether it be with these kinds of programs, film festivals, charitable donations or the many diverse events that your Rustic Theatre provides.

Kevin Baar and Larry Edwards