Town Hall Sports Coordinator Jeremy Teeguarden reported on youth basketball for both the College League (kindergarten through third-grade) and the Pro League (third- through sixth-grade).

College League (Kindergarten through third-grade)
Friday, Jan. 13, youth basketball games got started with a game between the Gastrognome Gators and the Wildcats. Gracie McKimson for the Wildcats and Lilah Whitney for the Gators played awesome the whole game. In a close game, the wildcats squeaked out a 13-10 win: Wildcats 13 (Cody 13), Gators 10 (Preston 6, Reese 4).

The second game was between the Idyllwild Vacation Rentals Wolverines and the Village Hardware Blue Devils. The Wolverines had the lead in the first half as Layton Teeguarden played great, but the Blue Devils led by Fiona McMullen got hot in the second half and won 10-6: Blue Devils 10 (Fiona 6, Michael 4), Wolverines 6 (Ethan 4, Layton 2).

Team Wins Losses
Wildcats 3 0
Gastrognome Gators 2 1
Village Hardware Blue Devils 1 2
Idyllwild Vacation Wolverines 0 3

Pro League (Third- through sixth-grade)
On Tuesday, Jan 10, there were two youth basketball games in the Pro’s league.

The first game matched the Fairway Market Lakers and the Pino Tree Service Heat. Both teams had won their first two games. The game was close but the Lakers pulled away late and went on to win 18-11. Carolyn Edelstein for the Lakers and Kevin Posey for the Heat played great defense all game: Lakers 18 (Stefan 14, Isaiah 4), Heat 11 (Fernando 5, Jake 4, Miren 2).

In the second game, the Town Crier Clippers and the Gary Grey Construction Cavs met. Both teams were looking for their first win of the season. Vinny Parillo had some key baskets for the Clippers. Payton Priefer scored a big basket and played tough defense for the Cavs. The Clippers jumped out to an early lead and held on to win 18-12: Clippers 18 (Vinny 8, Chayton 8, Nichole 2), Cavs 12 (Garrett 8, Carmen 2, Payton 2).

On Friday, the Town Crier Clippers faced the Pino Tree Service Heat. The Heat built a lead going into the fourth quarter as Toby Posey scored a big basket. The Clippers made a furious comeback to tie the game at twenty. Ben Tiso played tough for the Clippers all game. The Heat made a clutch free throw with seconds left and held on to win 21-20: Heat 21 (Fernando 9, Jake 8, Toby 4), Clippers (Chayton 13, Ben 5, Nicole 2).

The last game pitted the Gary Gray Construction Cavs against the Idyllwild Automotive Grizzlies. The game was a defensive battle. Maggie Mckimson and Aaron Potter played great for their teams. The Cavs built a first half lead and held off the Grizzlies for a 12-11 win: Cavs 12 (Carmen 4, Aaron 4, Jake 2, Payton 2), Grizzlies (Zach 8, Aly 3).

Team Wins Losses
Fairway Market Lakers 3 0
Pino Tree Service Heat 3 1
Town Crier Clippers 1 2
Grey Construction Cavs 1 2
Idyllwild Auto Grizzlies 0 3