Town Hall Sports Coordinator Jeremy Teeguarden reported on youth basketball for both the College League (kindergarten through third-grade) and the Pro League (third- through sixth-grade) for the week of Jan. 23.

Cavs No. 3 Payton Priefer takes aim at the basket as her teammates, Carmen Pratt at far left and Garrett Goffman, watch. Clippers attempting to block are Chayton Kenyon (left) Lainie Wilke (no.10) and Jimmy Lande (no. 11). The Clippers won the game 20-16 played at Idyllwild School on Friday Jan. 27. Photo by Cid Castillo
College League (Kindergarten through third-grade)

On Friday, Jan. 27, the College League Games started with a match between the Idyllwild Vacation Rentals Wolverines and the Village Hardware Blue Devils. The game was close the whole way. Brody Posey and Brian Mabery played terrific for their teams. The Blue Devils made a late basket to take the lead and went on to win 17-16.

In the second game, the Gastrognome Gators faced the Rotary Wildcats. The Gators jumped to an early lead thanks in part to Lila Whitney’s great playing. Despite Ellie Reyes’s tough defense for the Wildcats, the Gators won 25-20.

Team Wins Losses
Rotary Wildcats 4 1
Gastrognome Gators 4 1
Village Hardware Blue Devils 2 3
Idyllwild Vacation Wolverines 0 5

The Gators, wearing orange, cross into Wildcat territory, led by Preston Pino with the ball. Other gators include, from left, Lila Whitney (No. 4), Katelyn Sonnier (No.11) and Cole Sonnier (No. 5). Wildcats, giving case, from left, Grace McKimson (No.12), Ellie Reyes (No. 2) and Cody Fogle (far right). The Gators won 25-20. Photo by Cid Castillo

Pro League (Third- through sixth-grade)
On Tuesday, Jan. 24, the basketball games got started with the Pro’s Pino Tree Service Heat taking on the Idyllwild Automotive Grizzlies. Throughout the game, both teams played great defense, particularly noteworthy was the defensive play of Kilo Reynosa and Adam Smith. In the third quarter, the Heat took the lead and won 12-9.

The second game pitted the Fairway Market Lakers against the Town Crier Clippers. The Clippers fell behind early but made a nice comeback in the third quarter to get to within a couple baskets. Lainie Wilke and Rylan Hardy had great games for their teams. In the fourth quarter the Lakers regained control and went on to win 19-12.

The Pro League’s Friday games began the Town Crier Clippers and the Roby Gray Construction Cavs. The Clippers were hot early as Joseph Tiso played great for the Clippers. Carmen Pratt played hard all game for the Cavs scoring 6 points but in the end the Clippers won 20-16.

The final game was for first place between the Fairway Market Lakers and the Pino Tree Service Heat. Both teams played hard throughout in a spirited game. Toby Posey for the Heat and Seth Clowers for the Lakers each scored four points for their teams. With less than a minute to go, the Lakers took the lead. The Heat had a couple shots to tie the game but came up just short as the Lakers won 22-20.

Team Wins Losses
Fairway Market Lakers 6 1
Pino Tree Service Heat 5 2
Town Crier Clippers 3 3
Gray Construction Cavs 1 5
Idyllwild Auto Grizzlies 1 5