On Saturday, March 10, the final bald eagle count of the winter will be conducted around lakes in southern California and your help is needed.

This year marks the 34th season that the San Bernardino National Forest has organized monthly winter bald eagle counts. Concurrent bald eagle counts are held at Big Bear Lake, Lake Arrowhead, Lake Silverwood State Recreation Area, Lake Hemet, and Lake Perris State Recreation Area. For the first time, Diamond Valley Lake will also be conducting a bald eagle census. Volunteers are stationed at vantage points around the lakes and they map and record any eagle observations during a 1-hour period.

“We need all the eyes we can get helping look for eagles during these counts. These censuses wouldn’t be possible without our great volunteers. Plus, it’s a good excuse to get outside on a Saturday morning,” said wildlife biologist Robin Eliason. “We will explain everything you need to do when you arrive for the orientation. Just dress warmly, bring binoculars and a watch. There’s no experience needed.”

During the February bald eagle count, grand total of 11 eagles (seven adults and four juveniles) were observed at the lake areas during the 1- hour period. The number of bald eagles in southern California typically starts off low in December, peaking in January and February, and tapers off in March.

Lake Hemet volunteers should plan on meeting at the Lake Hemet Market at 8:30 a.m. for instructions. Contact Ann Poopatanapong at (909) 382-2935 for more information.

Diamond Valley Lake volunteers should contact Tammy Toral at (909) 926-7201 or [email protected] for information about when and where to meet.