Judge Elaine M. Johnson, at the request of the defense, continued until July 12 felony settlement conferences for Ron Kimmerle and Taylor Dravenstatt. Johnson took the action on Thursday, June 14, when the defense requested more time to review evidence. The prosecution did not object to the defense request.

Kimmerle remains in custody at Southwest Detention Center in Murrieta. The court executed a federal release for Dravenstatt, for reasons of jail overcrowding. Bail remains set for Kimmerle at $70,000. Because of the federal release order, the court required no bail for Dravenstatt.

Both are charged in connection with multiple burglaries in the Pine Cove and Idyllwild areas as well as being in receipt of stolen property.


  1. Fails to appear??? Well, he "appeared" many times … why is our tax-payer money being wasted this way??? Pick him up, let him go, etc., etc., etc … So glad, yet so sad, I am off "the Hill,"

    Since the County, or someone, has his horse (at our expense, too), we can't hear him coming any more … will miss that stupid grin, so smug, at the Idyl post office… maybe we'll have to call his mom, supposedly a retired Superior Court Judge, where the AO is!!!
    p.s. the Creek, now a wonderful ;playground, could hold the answer … who knows??? who cares??? I am resigned to leaving MY IDyllwild Will miss u all so much though.

    frm BANm a former IDYL local, no more oeace to all … please