The ballots have been cast for the election of Idyllwild’s first mayor. A lot of treats and kibble were being exchanged last week, according to my olfactory system.

“The overall result and response was beyond our wildest expectation,” said Janice Murasko, election organizer.

Jeri Sue Haney, manager of the BBVA Idyllwild Branch, has the results in a sealed envelope. They will be announced 4 p.m., Sunday, July 1, at a barbecue at ARF on Highway 243.

“When voting, many people asked about ARF and expressed great concern about supporting the town’s homeless cats and dogs,” Murasko said.

At that time, not only will the new mayor be recognized, but ARF will announce the vice mayor (number two in the results) and three Council members (the next three runners-up).

The other candidates have been promised appointments in the next mayor’s cabinet, as departmental commissioners or other significant roles.

The inaugural ceremony will include much more than the usual celebratory barks or meows. Will Bonner will provide music for the new council. Bailey Wines and Boar’s Head Food donated food and wine for human spectators.

For those who wish to attend and meet or sniff the newly elected officers, there will be a $3 fee, which will include the food.

In an exclusive, this reporter has already sniffed out plans that may affect the town’s new executives. Murasko has heard that campaigns are already afoot, being planned for 2013. I can confirm this from messages, which were reported on several lWD hydrants.