I want Teresa back.

Idyllwild is a community as well as a location. We smile at strangers on the street, we chat with people whom we know only as someone with a P.O. box near ours, we watch our neighbor’s house when they go off the Hill. And we speak up when a valuable member of our community disappears.

I don’t know for sure why Teresa Brouwer is no longer our librarian. Rumor has it that Teresa didn’t meet some requirement. I’m not arguing the value of that requirement. It may be important for the library system. And it may be important for Teresa’s replacement when Teresa voluntarily leaves. But the requirement ignores Teresa’s years of service to our community.

For 22 years, Teresa has pointed out books she knows we might like. She has let us bring our 10 cent fine in next time. She has shown us the location of books after we have searched without success. She has asked about our kids now living off-Hill. She has laughed with us about our life glitches. She is our friend and neighbor.

Yes, there is a reason for job requirements. Yes, Idyllwild should obey the rules that apply to the rest of the county. But there are times people are more important than requirements.

Could the library system “grandfather” in Teresa in recognition of the fact that she has served us well so many years? It would show that they too are interested in being a member of our special community.

We owe Teresa, and all our neighbors, to try to keep her in our library.

Amanda Taylor